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I Wouldn't Accept These Pizzas If I Were You

7th Mar 2011 | 08:50 am
posted by: trickster88 in psych_muses

Hello! I'm Robin, and I play (yet another) Shawn Spencer!

Not that having Shawns aren't fantastic, we can have a pineapple party and plan a water balloon attack on the Lassies. Anyone up for it? >:)

I've been playing Shawn for a bit now, not sure how long but a while. Shawn has been hiding out over at IJ in some pan/multi fandom comms, but he's been lonely. Not a single Psych character in sight! He's been pretty homesick for a Gus, so when I found this community I almost squealed. :D

If any Gusters would like to pop round, Shawn will give you many huggles and stop being so depressed.

Thank you and Gus', don't be a gooey chocolate chip cookie. :)

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Intro: Juliet

18th Dec 2008 | 09:14 pm
posted by: smellsofpeaches in psych_muses

Hey there. I play Jules, obviously... I have for a while, but she recently latched on a bit tighter, which is amazing. Got her a paid account and everything.

I'm couldbekittygirl on AIM and you can reach me OOC or IC there, just specify. You can call me Ca, or Jules-mun, or whatever and I'm totally up for RP whenever if you PM or ping me.

I've been eying this comm and just never joined, so I'm glad to be here!

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(no subject)

16th Nov 2008 | 04:59 pm
mood: accomplished
posted by: badluck97 in psych_muses


Yes. I'm spamming again. Re-organizing is hard work. But I have stuff to shows you all!

Go to the User Info! It is spiffy and in need of viewings!

And if you want you and your pup added to it please comment here so I know to go on a happy editing spree.

No worries about editing it to add more characters. It's easy as pie. thank god for copypasta!

So.... um.... this should be the last of the mod posts for a while. Get hopping and post! Do things! Have fun!


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(no subject)

15th Nov 2008 | 02:11 pm
posted by: badluck97 in psych_muses

Yes. It's me again. I just can't stay away from the F-list Spam.

So, I'm going to be re-doing the Current Characters list. It's going to look much nicer and organized and spiffier. Also? I'm putting it in the user info. If you don't want it there, let me know.

What I need from you all is to comment here with your name, your psych current characters, their journal names and your favorite icon from that journal.

Yays? Nays? I'll try to get back to ya as soon as possible!


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(no subject)

13th Nov 2008 | 07:41 pm
posted by: badluck97 in psych_muses

Let's get this party started y/y?

Our very first meme. There might be tears.Collapse )

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Abigail comes to psych muse

13th Nov 2008 | 03:19 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: read my mind
posted by: abygail01 in psych_muses

Hi everyone,
                      I'm Florencia from Argentina recently I star my journal using Abigail muse, my two friends have Gus and Shawn muse.
Sorry for my English I know that I am going to have mistakes, so be pacient.
Ilove psych TV show, one of my friends made me watch it and here I am. Abygail muse is my first journal and I rolplay a few time. 

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(no subject)

11th Nov 2008 | 07:33 pm
posted by: badluck97 in psych_muses

Hokay. I got a few comments back to the last mod post I did and rather then respond to you all individually, I figured I'd just be annoying and spam your F-lists! Because I can. *evil laugh*

Anyway, a lot of you would like to turn this comm into something I don't believe it was originally intended for, but is sounding like a much better idea. Over on Insanejournal (where I play Shawn in four games. Kill me now!) we would refer to this as "meta" or "that random space between IC and OOC."

So, now I have new questions for you all, cause I'm totally for a democracy and stuff. and yes our constitution includes "don't mess with texas."

What I originally thought of was a meme comm, where we answer silly questions and write silly stories. Or even a request comm, where you can go to beg someone to be the Gus to your Shawn or the Jules to your Lassy. Or both. But if everyone would prefer this place to become more RP playing based and have like three Shawn's talk to each other, I am cool with that too. Unless you want all three, which is also awesomeloaf covered in awesomesauce with awesome potatoes on the side.

Hit me with comments and your very best Psych icons!


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mod post

10th Nov 2008 | 06:52 pm
posted by: badluck97 in psych_muses

Well howdy y'all

I'm Aki, your new mod as I seem to have inherited this community as of today!

My question to those still attached to this community is: How much do you want to see it active again?

I have a few ideas I've been kicking around today, but what's the point in having good ideas if you have no one to participate in them?

So, if you and your pups/muses are still interested in being here, hit us up with some comments yo! ^__^

your new friendly neighborhood psychic mod!


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Just... spitballing....

4th Jul 2008 | 04:02 pm
mood: contemplativecontemplative
music: The Killers - Hounds of Love
posted by: lipstickcat in psych_muses

It would appear that I'm seriously considering getting another muse journal for an AU version of Lassiter... where he's a crook. Because, if Chief Fenich hadn't intervened while Carlton was going through that "dangerous point in his youth" and got him to enrole in the Academy, where exactly would he have gone down that path?

Assuming that Shawn still manages to find some other Head Detective to piss off at SBPD, and still embarks on the Psychic Detective charade, what if he ends up helping to track down Lassiter? And how hot and forbidden would the chemistry between them be then?

Input, anyone?

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1st Apr 2008 | 07:03 pm
mood: listlesslistless
posted by: the_spenstar in psych_muses

Hey guys, just a thought---

What do you think of a roleplay designed purely for psych roleplayers? (One of my thoughts would just be to develop a posting style for this community so people could just roleplay here. That's always an option,)

I really feel like making a closed community with only one set cast would be a mistake, because it's a little bit of a pretentious move. (Plus, there are a fair number of talented roleplayers out there and it'd be a shame to have to shut the door in their face like that simply by the nature of the hypothetical-community.)

Now this won't be a planning post, per se, I'm just trying to gather what you guys think of this idea.

Hope to hear from you soon~! :]

Edit: Another idea contributed by co-mod vivider would be to have this community serve as a psych dressing room. (A dressing room is essentially a game where characters from (usually a single fandom, sometimes the dressing rooms cover larger concepts, such as bandom) a single fandom post whatever they want, and characters can just respond.

I know this is essentially a more fine-tuned reiteration of what I said above, but I'm tired. *_*

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